OVT The Hague

  • Vandalism-proof
  • Integrated evacuation
  • Certified panel

Robust, eye-catching panel

Conferring with the adviser

The beautiful new hall with its glass fa├žade and remarkable glass roof is fitted with two digital fire management panels. Even at an early stage, long before construction of the new terminal began, we conferred with all parties involved to decide on the functionalities and design of the panels. Grontmij listed the requirements for the panel in its specifications.


The new building brings together all forms of public transport. At the moment, 150,000 travellers and 40,000 passers-by make use of the station. In the near future, those numbers will grow exponentially. Fire safety is therefore a very important aspect.

This is the level of quality we desire. - Frank van Alphen Project manager Esser

System supplier

System supplier Esser supervised the entire project. The panels are gilded and the touchscreens are housed in stainless-steel cases, so they can withstand quite a lot.


Class-A evacuation, complete with a microphone, has been integrated into the case. In the event of a fire, the vandalism-proof door opens to allow authorised staff to supervise the evacuation process.

Fire department

In the event of a fire, the floor plan and the report are displayed on the screen. The fire department and company emergency response team will know exactly where to go with a single look on the touchscreen.

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