Service agreement

A service agreement offers the guarantee that any problems or malfunctions will be resolved quickly and that we conduct preventative maintenance to keep any issues from arising at all. You also benefit from unlimited assistance from our technical support department. This service is offered to you once you sign a service agreement with Pneuman.

We offer several types of service agreement; the right choice for you depends entirely on your system and the response time you desire.


Preventative maintenance

This is part of a service agreement.

During maintenance, the functional operation of your installation is retested using an input-output test. The input and output signals are inspected and recalibrated if necessary. We keep the software up to date, create a system backup for you and replace the back-up battery once every three years. Naturally, we also inspect the physical status of the installation and check the screw connections of all Pneuman components. We strive to replace any faulty components immediately. If necessary, we will schedule a follow-up appointment with you. After conducting maintenance, we will send you an extensive report that details the installation components we inspected, the software settings and any recommendations we may have for you.