Technical support

The support staff member who contacts you is capable of answering questions and examining issues. In many cases, they can resolve the problem immediately.

Our experience shows that common problems can be resolved remotely or that we can create a situation that will get you through the weekend or the night safely.

For customers with a contract (or whose installation is still under warranty), a call is free of charge, regardless of its duration. You will also jump to the front of the queue to have your issue resolved quickly. Customers without a contract are charged for a call to the technical support department and are assisted in order, once contract customers have been dealt with.


Malfunction follow-up

In some situations, you may need a specialist on site to bring your system back to operational status.

Depending on the planning, our helpdesk will discuss appointment options with you.

If you have a contract or warranty, you will be assisted before any other customers.

To make the installation available again as soon as possible, we will eliminate the cause and resolve the malfunction through replacement, exchange and/or repair, or through provisional measures if necessary. Malfunctions can only be repaired during office hours. Every follow-up is billed separately, hours and travel expenses on a cost-plus basis.