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Fashion Group Bestseller’s new office building in Aarhus features new and innovative solutions. This also goes for its fire safety system. The developer wanted an innovative solution for this massive, complex construction. The system had to allow the fire department to respond quickly and effectively in case of an emergency.


Bravida came up with the solution and installed one of the first digital panels in Denmark. The configuration basically consists of two monitors with a touchscreen. These offer more accurate and useful information than conventional panels. On top of that, function changes are easy to implement.


Bestseller’s fire department is enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by this panel and its excellent usability. The panels continuously communicate with all of the building’s systems and the fire detection system. All necessary components can be switched at will and any malfunctions are immediately reported to the fire department.


Due to a redundant solution, which has two panels operating independently from each other, the system is highly reliable, says consultant Gustav Lanng Madsen.

A fantastic solution. - Remko Dahlkamp Project manager Bravida Fire & Security
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