Koperen Hoogte Zwolle

  • Harmonious colours
  • Integrated evacuation
  • Operation of the ventilation system

High-level solutions

The Koperen Hoogte houses a hotel and the La Tour restaurant at great heights. In the past, the building served as a water tower. All that water meant there was little danger of a fire breaking out. Now that the building is used by people, fire safety has become far more important.

Eye-catching silhouette

The fire alarm annunciator displays a cross-section of the tower. This gives the fire department an excellent overview of every floor and the fire zones on each floor.

Colour scheme

Harmonious colours differentiate between the different fire zones. A good overview of the situation is crucial in the event of a calamity.


Besides evacuation, this panel also allows the fire department to operate the ventilation system however it wants.

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