Central Station Amsterdam

  • Vandalism-proof
  • Guarantees safety
  • Up-to-date information in the event of a fire

One of the panels in the western section of the station.


The touchscreens are housed in vandalism-proof cases with climate control. The panel is directly connected to Siemens’ fire detection centre. Mutations can be implemented remotely via the internet.

Attention when needed

Around 167,000 national and international passengers pass by the panels that usually draw barely any attention. In the event of a fire, an acoustic signal is emitted and the display changes to an active page that represents the start of the fire on a floor plan.

It was great to work with Jaap. - Paul Seip Project manager Siemens

The supervisors in the Toezicht Ruimte Amsterdam (TRA) are responsible for verification. If a fire alarm goes off, they check whether there is any actual fire hazard. If it is a false alarm, they will report that to the fire department. If the alert is real, the fire department responds and will arrive at the entrance to the train station in two minutes. Digital panels with a floor plan of the building tell the fire fighters exactly what is going on and where

Guarded communication

The connection between the fire detection centre and the server is guarded constantly. Malfunctions are reported immediately on the panel and in the FDC.

Emergency power supply

Naturally, the panel – along with the rest of the fire detection system – is kept operational during calamities with an emergency power supply and UPS


The climate in the vandalism-proof casing is managed and monitored to ensure optimal reliability.

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