Through clever control of the various installation disciplines, we offer the required functionalities – and much more. Integration of all systems will lead to even bigger gains at the time of purchase, during use and during maintenance.

Light management module

When switching conventional lighting, switch modules are used. For LED lighting, DALI routers are a common solution. We take care of everything, from components and touchscreen to programming. If you want to use colour, we can also integrate RGB and DMX controls. Naturally, we will determine the most efficient cabling solution together.

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Alarm and malfunctions

Malfunctions come in all shapes and sizes. Some malfunctions are urgent and require immediate action. Others are less urgent and need only be reported. It is therefore important to handle any and all malfunctions adequately. Malfunction alerts are clearly announced using optical and acoustic signals that stop after the malfunction has been accepted. There is a clear distinction between accepted and new alerts. It is easy to set the system up to repeat non-resolved alerts. In short: with this system, you can deal with any malfunction without a problem.

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Do you want to control everything, from daylight saving, day and night cycles to overtime? You can set everything up just right with the help of astronomical clocks and timers using our user-friendly touchscreen. This module also allows you to program class hours in schools.

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Door control

Electric doors from Boon Edam, Besam or any other brand are easy to control or override from a central location. Combined with your camera identification system, Pneuman offers secure and complete control of your entrance.

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Energy monitoring

Saving energy starts with knowing how much energy you are using and where it is being used. The control panel can display your current energy usage, which offers you a complete overview of your electricity, water and gas usage data. This information can then help you take measures to save on these utilities.

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Controlling and monitoring any system is possible at the bus level (two-wire communication). Naturally, it can also be done with contacts for existing conventional systems.

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Access control

Can I enter the building? What happens next? Will the lights in my office automatically turn on? It is possible to identify visitors with a camera and open the door for them remotely. Whatever you can come up with, we can set it up for you.

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Window blinds

Controlling the blinds on each side of the building or blocking them with a window washing switch is possible with or without a code using the touchscreen, your own PC, a wall panel or even a smartphone.

Naturally, it is also possible to integrate window blinds (e.g. Somfy) via the same network.

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Fire detection

All reports from the fire detection centre can be displayed on a separate tab of the control panel, so you can display it where it is needed. If you want a certified fire detection panel, you can read more information here.

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