PX Volendam

  • Meets the requirements of NEN 2535
  • Improves fire safety
  • Indestructible

Van noodzaak naar sierraad

The fire detection centre of the PX centre features the necessary direct link to the Edam-Volendam fire department. To that end, a fire alarm annunciator was installed at the entrance, which is easily accessible to the fire department. Once the fire department has entered the building after a fire alert, only one thing matters: finding out where the alert originated. 

A fireman’s perspective

This geographical fire alarm annunciator was evaluated by Werner de Groot, one of the seven fire fighters working for the municipality of Edam-Volendam, to see whether it offers the desired overview. The floor plan must be logical and easy to understand for anyone. This can present a challenge, especially in large, multi-level buildings. Pneuman did an excellent job in this case, he said.

User Ruling

The geographical panel required by PX must instantly tell emergency response officers where to go in the event of a calamity. A good panel clearly displays the source of the alert and how to get there, which allows for a rapid response. “This ties in with the User Ruling, the NEN standards and the requirements of the fire department. In spite of the wishes and requirements it had to meet, this panel still looks good on the wall of the entrance.”

See, this is useful to us - Werner de Groot Prevention officer fire brigade Edam-Volendam
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