Mediapark Hilversum

  • Certified panel
  • Dynamic tabs
  • Appearance matches the new interior

A dynamic, custom-made fire alarm annunciator

Whereas in many cases, a conventional fire alarm annuinciator is enough, a digital touchscreen panel was used in this specific instance. “It was partly due to the modern appearance of the building and the limited space available.”

Everything changes

The rapidly changing media landscape affects the Dutch broadcasting associations in many ways, for example when it comes to providing housing for the networks and the facilities required there. The Mediapark in Hilversum was one such case, where the contractor Scope was responsible for the redesign of the entrance building and the offices for the BNN-VARA network.

Wonderful size

An important aspect of the work involved the phased replacement of the aging sprinkler, fire detection and evacuation system in a 14,750 m2 office building with eight building layers. By supplying an advanced 42-inch digital fire alarm annunciator, Pneuman offered the installer involved in the project, Lomans, a custom solution.


The panel serves to give the fire department and corporate first-aid staff a clear overview of the situation in the event of a calamity, so they can take appropriate actions immediately. The panel has to be up to date in order to provide accurate information. Because it can be modified via the internet, the panel is just as flexible as the environment itself.

Together with Pneuman, we always come up with a suitable solution for our customers. - Richard van den Berg Project manager Lomans Amersfoort
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