Hotel Leeuwenhorst Noordwijkerhout

  • Safety for guests
  • Complete integration
  • Easy operation

A safe feeling


SDR, an installer specialising in hotel systems, has fully customised the fire detection and evacuation system to ensure it meets every requirement. At the same time, the fire detection panel was renewed. SDR says that the installation process was a piece of cake.

Panel design

SDR put Pneuman in charge of designing the panel itself. All parties involved in the project were immediately excited about the design. The fire department and company emergency response team were highly satisfied with its clear display of information, while the end user praised the colour scheme.

Use of colour

Clearly indicating all fire zones is the most important aspect of panel design. We do this by making clever use of colours. Naturally, we also keep the user’s wishes in mind. After all, they have to like the look of the panel and it has to suit its environment.

Evacuation panel

The evacuation panel, which was part of the fire alarm annunciator in this case, is part of the legally required evacuation alert system. Its goal is to allow everyone present in the hotel at the time of an emergency to leave the building in a safe and orderly manner.

Selective evacuation

All 514 rooms and 120 conference rooms in this four-star hotel are clearly represented on the display, which makes it easy to selectively evacuate the various areas of the hotel via this panel. This will give guests a safe feeling in the event of an emergency.

I love the no-nonsense mentality. - Roelof Wiedijk Project manager security SDR Elektrotechniek BV
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