St. Janskerkhof Utrecht

  • Energy-efficient
  • Light management
  • Integrated fire detection

Exactly the panel that the St. Janskerkhof needed

Optimal efficiency

There is a big difference between designing for a building or for the users themselves. The board of directors had clear ideas of what they wanted with their panel. Because of that, but certainly also due to the expert guidance of consultancy firm Huisman & Van Muijen, we were able to achieve optimal efficiency with this panel. Lighting, fire detection, window blinds, energy monitoring, malfunctions and overtime: all in one.


Because not enough is known in advance about building functions, control panels for building management are often not used to their full extent. Fortunately, that was not the case here; the Janskerkhof faculty of the University of Utrecht got exactly the panel they needed, precisely tailored to the functions and usage they desired.

Light management

For this building, we created a panel that allows the lights in each classroom to be individually operated and dimmed. The same panel includes fire detection and shows a geographic image of the fire’s exact location. The LED fixtures installed in the classrooms can be operated via DALI. “This is exactly the panel that the faculty needed.”


DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), a universal communication protocol, controls the LED lights via IP routers and electric ballasts. Switching and dimming do not require any relays. DALI provides access to all functionalities for maximum usability.

Energy monitor

All kilowatt-hour meters are connected to the server included in the delivery. The latest figures are available immediately.

Fire detection

An alert or malfunction is reported immediately and displayed on a floorplan so there is no doubt about its location.

We achieved optimal results here. - Jeroen Eenstroom Project manager electrical engineering for advice agency Huisman en van Muijen
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